It all started when...

I was on a plane coming back from the Pro Bowl in Hawaii 1998. My brother and I happened to be sitting next to a guy named AV and Tyranny on the flight. During the trip, we talked about Hip-Hop, Music, and Fashion. It turns out, one of the guys worked for Def Jam Records, and the other was a member of the group Digital Underground. As a result of this new relationship, I became a member of the Def Jam Records Street Team and eventually a College Rep. for Universal Records.

Before the age of 20, I helped contribute to the success of albums such as;

It's Dark, and Hell is Hot - DMX, Rule 3:36 - Ja-Rule,  Back For The First Time - Ludacris, G.O.A.T. - LL Cool J, El Nino - Def Squad, Whatcha Gonna Do? - Jayo Felony, Hard Knock Life Vol.2 - Jay-Z, Tical 2000: Judgement Day - Method Man, Shut' Em Down - Onyx, Doc's Da Name - Redman, Unleash The Dragon - Sisqo, and many more. 

Experience in the Music Industry acquiesced me with the task of independently consulting brands and creating media strategies for artists and creatives which lead me to a career as a Creative Director. 

My passion for Hip-Hop & Art has propelled me into ventures such as concert and event promotion, event media, health and wellness, non-profit fundraising, and student mentorship.