Disposable Art Stroll

Save yourself from the edge of artistic crisis. Move away from your gear, and force yourself to become a better photographer. Like most of us, I believed that better equipment would produce better images. Good philosophy right? Well, maybe not. After years of playing the level-up game with every kind of digital camera, I simply hit rock bottom and felt the need to go back to my roots, which happened to be a small plastic liberation device. (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

Exactly, liberation was what I was seeking when I rediscovered my old friend, the disposable camera. My gear at the time was so cumbersome that real street photography was almost impossible to capture without looking like a certified creep. Even with a Leica, I felt like an exposed hatchling unwilling to explore for fear of falling and damaging my beautiful leather wrapped rangefinder.  

I decided that if I couldn't produce quality photographs from a disposable camera, I would quit this love affair for good and follow my Dharma elsewhere! Maybe Yoga?

If you've ever felt this way before, you're going to love my meetup. I created a meetup called "Visual Snacks" we meet every second Sunday of the month to explore the Bay Area and learn to take photographs worthy of printing in a one day intensive workshop. 

During this workshop, we are going to do a crash course on fundamental philosophy and then we are going to break every rule we can to achieve the best results. You will learn how to push your creative limits and use a disposable camera's weaknesses to your advantage and create opportunities from those shortcomings.  At the end of this excursion, you will have a beautiful Art-zine that you can show off to your friends or leave on your coffee table as a conversation piece. 

If you're interested in attending a meetup, you can find more information hereIf you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message or give me a call directly.

Let's explore new possibilities together and create real art that will last. 

- Mitchell Pagan

* 10% of your tuition will go to support RISE Yoga for Youth. 

RISE empowers adolescents to be agents of change in the world.

Through the physical practice of yoga, wellness education, and community building, students develop inner resources to respond to life's challenges in constructive ways.