Abandoned: Davenport Pier

I've lived in the Bay Area my entire life, and I never knew about Davenport Beach. Thanks to the internet making the world such a small place, hidden gems like Davenport are becoming increasingly accessible. The History of this little town is fascinating. A whaling captain named John Pope Davenport settled at El Jarro Point, about half a mile from today's town, in 1867. Most recently the town was home to Mexico's CEMEX Corporation until they leaked 100 pounds of mercury into the environment which led to strained relationships between CEMEX, the environmental protection agency, and the city of Santa Cruz. CEMEX ceased operations and decommissioned the plant in 2010. The town was also the former home to the Odwalla Juice Company. Not sure if this was before or after the Mercury spill?  Despite the environmental hazards my partner and I decided to do some Yoga on Davenport Beach and take some photographs. 

The town is about 9 miles north of Santa Cruz on Highway 1. At an elevation of 259 feet, descending the cliff face to the beach can be extremely dangerous, and I don't recommend taking this route. If possible, wait until it's low tide and take the easy route down the trail through the bluff. Unfortunately for my partner and I, it was high tide, so we bravely descended the cliff. Maybe not the smartest thing to do in December but hey, you have to risk it for the biscuit. In this instance, the biscuits are amazing photographs!  

If you're a photographer, I recommend visiting during the Golden Hour, sunrise or sunset. We arrived about 2 hours before sunset, so we could properly warm up, scout locations, and do some Yoga. Aren't sure of what time the sun is setting, you can ask Siri or look it up on your smartphone, if you don't have a smartphone you can just use your intuition. The reason it's important to note the exact time the sun will set, is that fading light can be a real challenge when capturing a great sunset and you don't want to be fiddling with your gear during this small window of opportunity. We waited patiently and prepared for the final moments of sunlight so that we could capture the fleeting moments.    

I asked my partner to take some pictures of me doing Sirsasana II right before the sun went down and she was able to capture some amazing shots. 

Practicing Yoga on this beach made me feel so close to nature. It felt as though I was giving the beach a big hug. I guess the ocean got jealous because while I was in Sirsasana II, she decided to give me a warm embrace and a wave crashed into me while I was inverted. It was the most amazing feeling! I thanked the earth and the ocean for their hospitality and bid farewell to this magical place until we meet again.